Web Design and all future maintenance performed by your own personal webmaster! 

No need to learn complicated web design and tools from the so called easy pay as you go websites! Let our webmaster insert your details, photos, pricing etc. into your own website domain name, hosted on our servers, or your own server space. Leave the difficult task of design and maintenace to us! Many easy design website sites will charge you $30 a month plus $150 histing and $20 for your domain and you have to do all the work designing, uploading and on very limited templates that many other websites owners use and will look just like your website when you are done all the work yourself!   

We do not charge for webdesigning like most proffessional web developer sites, this can cost you from $1000 to $15,000 for design work initially! We offer our monthly payment plans and yearly plans that include regular site maintenance, hosting and domain fees, for as low as $600 a year!

Depending upon the complexity of your website needs, our pricing will be up front for your yearly or monthly expenses using our services.  Average non E-commerce websites (or websites with shopping carts.) run about $600 a year. All you provide is content and photos through email or using drop box etc to get the content to our webmaster.